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Blood Bank

Being the multi-super-specialty and tertiary referral Centre we under-take open-heart surgeries, blood-cancer (Thalesemia), complicated gaynec-surgeries, trauma cases, neuro surgeries, general surgeries, dengue, and malaria disease frequently needs blood and its components for patients to save life. Considering the difficulties of the relatives of the patients to fetch required blood, plasma or platelets from Pune, Aurangabad or Pravara Nagar, we have set-up our own hospital well equipped and modern technology based blood bank. It is started on 28th March’2009. We have taken into consideration the importance of the blood bank and procured the internationally renowned blood bank machineries and equipments. We are the first to have the very unique, rare and expensive SDP (Single Donor Platelet Machine) to segregate the platelets components from blood. It is an unique process for segregating the platelets in-one-sitting while donor is donating the blood. We have the blood storage capacity of 2000 bags in our well-equipped storage-unit.

On humanity-ground we supply free of cost the required blood to Thalesemia and Hemophilia patients. All blood related tests-processes and analysis are done through the modern technology technique that is thru’ Gel-Technology. Our rates are very affordable for the common patients particularly. Our blood bank is functioning round the clock to provide emergency services.