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The Cardiac Recovery Room (CCU)
It is suitably designed adjoining to the heart surgery operation theatre, in order to eliminate physical stress while transferring cardiac patients, ultimately, it helps the faster recovery of the patients.. The theatre and the recovery staff are adequate in number and well trained in their respective fields. The post- operative ward is manned round the clock by intensivists and anesthesiologists. We are also having pedant system which allows pipe and wire free gas and electricity supply respectively.

  • 10 bedded
  • G.E. Multipara Monitor
  • Pedant System – (O2, Suction air, Electrical Switches) for all beds.
  • Dragen Ventilator.
  • Round the clock Anaesthetists & trained & experienced Cardiac Nurses are available
    Due to change in the living standards there has been a constant increase in the mental and as well as physical stress. So there has been considerable increase in the patients ofHeart Patients day by day. So Cardiac Recovery has been increased upto 10 Beds.