Welcome to Anandrishiji Hospital & Medical Research Center

Opening Hours : Sunday to Saturday 24X7
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The neurology experts at our Hospital offer a detailed and comprehensive consultation, evaluation, clinical diagnostic studies and neurological treatment. We offer specialized treatment programs for the following neurological disorders:

  1. Stroke
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Headache, Migraine & pain
  4. Back pain & Neck pain
  5. Muscle and Nerve diseases
  6. Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disease
  7. Movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease
  8. Infection of the Nervous system
  9. Dizziness and vertigo
  10. Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  11. Diagnosis & Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Aponea & Sleep disorders
  12. Brain tumor and vascular diseases of the brain
  13. Chronic pain disorders
  14. Paediatric Neurology problems.

We in near future will intend to start well equipped separate Neuro ICU and stroke unit, Eplepsy Clinic, Vertigo Clinic and Neuro physiology division equipped with EEG and EMG machine.