Welcome to Anandrishiji Hospital & Medical Research Center

Opening Hours : Sunday to Saturday 24X7
  Contact : 0241-02320476

The PICU manages 8 beds for those need ventilators care as well as close monitoring.

The unit is well equipped with state of the srt equipment such as Siemens Ventilators, Philips Multi channel Monitors, Infusion pumps etc..

Due to in house availability of newer generation ventilators and good monitoring systems, morbidity mortality has significantly reduced in ventilated patients.

The nursing care is excellent as all the nurses in PICU are well trained and experienced.

Round the clock pediatrician is available in PICU. In PICU all types of Paediatric bedside procedures such as insertion of IV canula, lumbar puncture, intubations are being performed regularly for diagnosis and life saving purpose.