Welcome to Anandrishiji Hospital & Medical Research Center

Opening Hours : Sunday to Saturday 24X7
  Contact : 0241-02320476


MRI center is equipped with Ultra Modern 1.5 Tesla 16 channel Siemens Essenza Tim Dot machine.
All MRI done at very nominal charges of Rs.2000/-
Daily More than 50 MRI have been performed at this center .

CT Scan is done on Siemens Company’s 16 slice Soma tom scope CT Scan machine. In this section each of the human body part is CT Scanned and Angiography (without heart) can be obtained for a paltry Rs. ’I00O/- & + Rs. 500/- on Contrast. More than 700 CT Scan are performed every month.

An Ultra-Modern and well equipped X-Ray machine has been erected to obtain immediate quality X-Rays. The best quality digital X-ray can be obtained for only Rs. 200/- Sonography is done for Rs. 300/- only. More than 3000 X-Ray are done every month.

This is one of the latest sophisticated and fully equipped department of our hospital. In our hospital we have AGFA make computerised Radiography system (CRS) supporting to x-ray machine of 500 MA,from SIEMEN COMPANY. .Other like 100 MA and 60 MA machines are portable and can be used at any part of the hospital FOR CRITICAL & BED RIDDEN PATIENTS. We have Philips HD11XE color Doppler machine to use for peripheral arterial Doppler and venous Doppler carotid study and any vascular swelling and obstetric Doppler. We have latest sonography machine of AGILENT TECHNOLOGY use for pelvis, obs., Chest, orbit, neck, thyroid, scrotum swelling sonogrphy. For females we have been carried out transvaginal sonography for follicular study. We can carry out routine x-ray special views also .We can do conventional procedures like intravenous pylography, mcu, R.G.U (retro grade urogram fistalography). We can carried out procedures like barium swallow, barium meal follow through, barium enema.

Distinct Features:

  • Siemens 500 ma Xray Machine.
  • Siemens 100 & 60 ma portable Xray Machine for bed ridden & ICU patients.
  • HD II XE Higher End Philips Make dedicated Cardiac Colour Doppler Machine with TEE probe.
  • Toshiba Nemio Colour Doppler Machine.
  • Toshiba Portable USG machine.

The other diagnostic facilities available at Anand Rishiji Hospital: –

  • Stress Test
  • Ultrasonography
  • Colour Doppler and 2D- Echocardiography.
  • Peripheral Colour Doppler Studies
  • Mobile ‘C’ Arm Units.
  • PFT