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We are having TEN State-of-the-art stations with advanced version of  imported DIALYSIS MACHINES in our Dialysis Center of Ahmednagar for the sole disposal and service to attend the kidney failure patients.

Patients who previously had to go to Pune or Aurangabad for the dialysis had to spend more on transportation. We at ARH perform dialysis at affordable rates.

The hospital has well equipped and states of art dialysis Center with Ten dialysis machines for caring the renal failure patients. Expert medical consultant, trained, efficient Para-medical and nursing staff support the Dialysis Center.

Being charitable health care institute, we offer dialysis services with very affordable fees Most of the patients have been given concession facility or free Dialysis treatment irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

We render our services to more than 1000 poor and needy patients per month.

It was also observed that 40-60 renal failure patients are suffering from HIV and hepatitis, for which we have separate /independent dialysis machine in order to avoid infection to other renal-failure patients.

“Social Impact: We are striving hard to reduce pain and agony of these renal failure patients as they need dialysis treatment till the end of their life. These patients cannot sustain Dialysis treatment due to high cost and poor economical condition and are additional financial burden on their family.

Hence we provide concessional and free treatment so that their life less miserable. Presently it is the only center which caters treatment to the patients from Ahmednagar, Beed district.

Patients due to low immunity can’t travel and go to cities like Pune, Aurangabad. Every month we do offer free of cost procedure to nearly 450- 500 patients.”


1. Round the clock Nephrologist available.
2. More than 2400 dialysis per month.
3. Patients from all over Ahmednagar and Beed district come to Anandrishiji Hospital and Medical Research Center.
4. Separate Machines for Hepatitis B and C patients positive patients.