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Message of Pujya Adarsh Rishiji

Acharya Rashtra Sant:

Anand Rishiji gave the message of love, humanity and service to mankind. “Yega Manusya Jayi” means all human beings are same. Ahinmsa, Peace and brotherhood (brotherly-love) these are the principals of our Mission towards the human-beings irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion. In the present context of advanced technology and expensive medical field for caring the health of the common people is the highest challenge to day.

Therefore our basic and fundamental social-engineering-mission is to educate and implement the PREVENTIVE health-care system for the common people by holding free health-check-up camps in-house and out-skirts of the city-i. e. rural and remote areas, and impart various health and hygiene educational programmes for mothers, children and old-age people at the grass-root-level of the society. It was a DREAM of Acharya Rashtra Sant; Anand Rishiji Maharaj to have a modern medical health-care system i.e. “Aarogya Mandir” for the needy, less fortunate and destitute of urban as well as rural patients. The dream of Rashtra Sant has put into the reality in 28th March’2001.

I believe in mission, vision and values for rendering services to deserved patients on humanitarian-ground. Our Mission is to treat patients as friends. Patient is in the centre of our mission healthcare activities. Our Doctors are more than just Doctors We believe in providing the best medical care in any emergency or need through world-class infrastructure and qualified doctors, who bring out the best not just in terms of their skills but also their warmth and care.

Our Vision is to bring the highest standards in healthcare within the reach of every individual. We are committed to a multi-coloured approach towards the quality-excellence with affordable-cost in medical attention for the benefit of humanity – through Infrastructure, New Technology and Skilled-human-resources. I believe in human-values and not in materials-success. To take care of physical and emotional needs of the patients and their families. To show respect and compassion to the patients. To work as a team to serve and comfort the needs of the patients.

May Almighty-God-the Creator grant good-health to everybody. No one should suffer from physical or mental agony. There should be the complete reign of good-health everywhere in the world. This is my “Dharma Sandesh” to one and all!