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For residents of Ahmednagar, Beed, Shirur, and Malegaon (Nasik), accessing advanced cardiac care is no longer a distant dream. Recognizing the urgent need for specialized treatment in our region, Anandrishiji Hospital has established a state-of-the-art cardiac surgical wing. This dedicated center equips patients with the highest quality care, eliminating the need for arduous travel to Pune or Aurangabad.


Cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise available:

  • Ultra-modern operation theaters:Featuring antistatic flooring, hygienic epoxy-coated walls, and laminar air flow curtains, these theaters prioritize sterility and infection control.
  • Advanced equipment: From the Sanz Heart Lung Machine and Data scope Intra-aortic balloon pump to Drager Fabius 3 gas anesthesia machines, we are equipped with the latest tools for successful interventions.
  • Global standards: Every aspect, from operating tables and surgical lights to anesthesia equipment, adheres to the highest international benchmarks.


Our success lies in the hands of our highly skilled and experienced cardiac surgeons. Combined with well-trained theatre and recovery staff, we ensure seamless care throughout your journey. We perform an average of 75-80 cardiac surgeries every month, exceeding 12,000 successful procedures to date.


At Anandrishiji Hospital, we understand that financial constraints should not be a barrier to life-saving treatment. So we offer:

  • Charitable support:Through a dedicated care fund, we extend financial assistance to patients facing exceptional financial difficulty.
  • Affordable cardiac surgeries:We take pride in offering some of the lowest costs for bypass, VSD, and ASD surgeries in Maharashtra, at just Rs. 60,000 (inclusive of medicines) whereas the same surgeries in Pune, Mumbai or other metro cities bear a cost of more than Rs. 2 to 2.5 lacs.


Committed to social impact, we actively serve patients from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Under government schemes like NRHM and Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana, we provide free congenital heart surgeries with a remarkable 99% success rate.


From treating a 4-year-old to an 80-year-old, our commitment extends to patients of all ages. We celebrate a 99% success rate in cardiac surgeries, and recently achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully performing an “AWAKE HEART SURGERY” on a 70-year-old patient.


At Anandrishiji Hospital, our ultimate goal is to bring smiles back to the faces of our cardiac patients. We envision our center becoming a premier model of heart care and healing, not just in Maharashtra, but throughout India. This journey is fueled by the dedication, skill, and passion of our entire cardiac team, from surgeons and anesthetists to nurses and support staff.