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Hospital caters to the management of solid tumors. The operation theater has been installed with laminar flows and HEPA filters. The department is equipped with state-of-the art equipments and instruments to carry out all diagnostic procedures and full range of surgeries.

We also provide excellent preoperative, operative and post-operative care.
The Department is serviced by full-time highly trained and dedicated Oncosurgeon Dr. Satish Sonwane who focuses solely on cancer management.


The Hospital has been regularly carrying out extensive surgeries for all gynecological cancer and achieving good results.

Although gynecologic surgeries are routinely performed for non-malignancy, surgery in gynecological cancers is must more extensive and requires wide parametrial resection, lymph node dissection in the pelvis and Para-aortic area, and extra pelvic surgery especially in ovarian cancer.

Such extensive surgeries usually require additional training and experience compared to general gynecology.

In addition, management of cancer today follows a multimodal approach, and integration of surgery with non-surgical treatments such as, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is essential to improve outcome.


It is the youngest of the three modalities used in cancer care. Oncology consultants perform administration of chemotherapy to achieve the best result in terms of cancer cure while minimizing the toxicity of treatment.

Department provides state-of-the art-services in the management of cancer through the use of chemotherapy and allied drugs. .

The Department has expertise in the management of all solid cancers.